SMALL REGION | Digitalization Brings Society to The Next Level
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Digitalization Brings Society to The Next Level

Digitalization Brings Society to The Next Level

You might be a non technical person, oh I know how it feels, I consider myself as a non technical person. So when you happen watch movies that predict the next great tech innovations. What comes to your head? Amazed, yes, I am and maybe you are. Everything is just unbelievable. The things that we do not know yet, the things that we never know whether it is real or just fancy idea from bunch of people who have too much imagination about the world in the next years ahead.

The tech innovation grows, so fast. The technology in the world today is seemingly whispering us that nothing is impossible. For me everything began to make sense 5 years ago when the world surprised me with the headline news from that a start-up company from US contrived self-driving car. It did not take that long. People have been starting to ride that car. Everything seems to even make more sense today because that great innovations are out there in the real presence today. Nowadays, the technology isn’t something you show off. Instead, it takes a back seat to functionality, automating a lot of the tasks we have to do manually today. Everything is smart, everything is connected.

Machine to machine can communicate each other and some physical object is being linked to the internet by short-range wireless technology, sensor networks and so on. They will process the information based on the experiences that they have learned. That is what we call machine learning, or deep learning as it is commonly referred to. How could that be possible that everything will be connected. This is the new reality that nowadays digital is not an option for us because it is embedded in everything we do. It takes us into transformational changes as digitalization allows us to do such things that we normally do in new and better way.


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