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Building Creative Company

Building Creative Company

The value of a company is determined by the organization cultures. How important is the corporate culture? It is everything. 

Some might say  the leader is the most crucial factor in the company. It’s both Yes and No. Why? Yes, as Moh. Omar, the Founder and CEO of SMALL REGION Indonesia believes that the company leaders determine the seeding of the initial culture of the company. And No, the success of building the right company culture is not up to the company leaders alone, but it relies on everyone in the company. Each and every team member.

Omar, leading by example, encourages the culture of being openmind and transparent in the company. To be open to the team. In everything. He shares everything with his team, he shares with the team things he had done right, as well as the wrong ones. His experiences, views, and he even shares the company financial status, for everyone in the team to be in the same frequency. Because building a company culture is all about building a group of people who are committed to the same vision, purpose and passion.

Building the right corporate culture is the key to success that every team member needs  to be aware of. We can’t leave it to one particular person alone. The team, the people, involved in the process play important roles that will form a strong company. And by implementing the right culture, the company has all the opportunities go far beyond what it can imagine. Everything else come after i.e. the ideas, the products, the strategy, the finance, etc.

A common corporate culture, often get embedded in a company without us realizing it is: fear of failure. The fear naturally tends to retract us. Our natural preference by simply doing the same thing only. Simply because it’s what we know, we feel safe by doing the same thing, and the same rhythm, which we believe is the right way. When it becomes the ONLY way, that the real concern is. It’s called the ‘comfort zone’. We often fail to recognize that we won’t be able to innovate when we are trapped in it. We are so into the established process and execution.  When we realized missing the opportunity for innovation, it’s too late to react.

The negative culture of fear of failure will detain us from being creative. Being creative is one of the unique cultures we are building in the company. We all have the capability to be one. We just need to know how to ignite it. An example of this is : Storytelling. There are some of us who like the strategy of storytelling to bring creativity in the workplace because spreading ideas through stories that touch audience. Story has the ability to inspire and persuade people. It brings along a package information like context, emotions, and the best part is, memorable. ie. To bring idea to life with complete joy.

The  definition of creativity itself varies. Fair enough, as people may think differently. However, it involves combination of conceptual elements involving the ability to connect ideas and to see similarities, as well as differences. To connect some senses, emotions, and expression of human soul.

Anyone has the ability to be a creative thinker. The question is : do we want to give ourselves a try? It is always available for anyone to take, though I bet only a few is willing to take it. Here in SMALL REGION, we all are. The creativity is reflected in many ways in the company, such as the products we introduce to the market.

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