SMALL REGION | Strategic Partnership with Rumah Jokowi’s Community
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Strategic Partnership with Rumah Jokowi’s Community

Strategic Partnership with Rumah Jokowi’s Community

There’s nothing makes us happier than seeing the SMALL REGION technology in real action. Into the actual life, in this specific case, a community, proudly named Rumah Jokowi ( The strategic partnership with Rumah Jokowi allows SMALL REGION to challenge its forward-looking core platform, and then apply it into the community’s concept and approach in both business and technical aspects of it.

From the initial engagement up to the later stages, SMALL REGION solutions don’t solve only the ongoing pain-points of the growing community, but brings the community’s goals and objectives, from ideas and concepts into actual flows of delivery provided in an integrated, intuitive, easily accessible mobile application.

Yes, through a Rumah Jokowi Mobile Application. And Yes, SMALL REGION seems to be delivering the mobile application here. But No, SMALL REGION’s core technology isn’t mobile application. It’s the core technology that provides delivery of multimedia session communications, e-commerce, and aggregation in a secured private cloud through the use of Secured-Vector-Routing (SVR), allowing the collection of BigData enhanced with real implementation of Artificial Intelligence. The mobile application is the presentation form, the second should the current official web and social media channels are considered as the first one. The mobile application isn’t the end of the option but just the beginning. Many more to come, as the realization of Internet-of-Things (IOT) applies to just beyond smartphone.

In addition to it, SMALL REGION platform allows all the measurable metrics fed back to the community for observation then improvement/tuning. And the cycles start here, involving many elements beyond things, including the whole community members (or even non-members). It will be everything. Sound familiar? It’s the next level of IOT progression : Internet-of-Everything (IOE) . This what SMALL REGION is all about : an IOT/IOE technology company.

So yes, it is on smartphone today. But interacting with the very same technology SMALL REGION introduces here, from the bathroom mirror or car dashboard as if talking to a Personal Assistant isn’t too long from now.


Moh. Omar

Co-Founder & CEO

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