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Connecting Dots, Connecting Planets

Connecting Dots, Connecting Planets

I am referring to the ‘dots‘ here as things, literal ‘things‘. Not the dots Steve Jobs referred to in his famous ‘Connecting dots’. But the actual things we see and regularly use or interact with in day-to-day life. From the coffee machine at home, our car, fridge, stationary shelf at office, to the convenient store nearby or even our favorite mega-market. You name it, they will all be connected. They will all communicate to run their respective function as designed.

It’s arguably already happening. It will happen whether we like it or not, as part of natural progression to automate part of the activities currently done by us. Be at smaller scale or even to less extent of functions. Google self-driving car which had been quietly under testing for years, does it. The car is ‘connected’ to the Internet to communicate for a bunch of stats to make a decision on the best path to get to the destination. Lots of sensors with fast image recognition to detect traffic light, pedestrians, the vehicles around it to control the speed, speed limit, etc. To so much extent, the Google self-driving car would be on the road soon with the current ‘connection’ to communicate.

But where it will be from here on? Imagine the traffic light can communicate to all the car coming to its direction. Or nearby cars communicate to each other while it’s self-driving to control its speed, to project more accurately the arrival time to destination. Or the speed limit marker has communication chip to enforce the speed limit in every passing cars. And so on, and so on..

So many other example to pick. A fridge to order our ice cream as soon as we instruct a voice command or automatically, as it learns what ice cream, our consumption rate, and where to get it from the barcode printed on the ice cream bucket.

Imagination? Yes, it is right now. But it’s coming into reality sooner than you all think. A number of elements are in design & testing, prototyping, with network communication interfaces, protocols are being standardized for rapid adoption. And of course taking intuitiveness, security and privacy into consideration.

So, NO, it’s no longer imagination soon. It is coming our way. And at SMALL Region, the team is working towards participating in the evolution actively. We do share the vision. It’s our mission : Connecting Dots. And we will connect our earth to other planets too eventually.

To Mars, anyone?

Moh. Omar

Co-Founder & CEO
SMALL Region


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