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Teamwork. Don’t Take It for Granted!

Teamwork. Don’t Take It for Granted!

The late Steve Jobs is my favorite character in the industry. Well, you might be guessing because the success of Apple. Not really. Yes, he did make Apple successful, but no, that’s not the reason why I admire him so much. There are a number of companies with similar success, or the one I admire much more than Apple i.e. Google.

I only read a few non-fiction books, and his was one of them. How he grew up, from his biological mom then to the foster parents, tried to survive, picked and did things he loved. How he started Apple and got fired from his very own company. Down, spun new company, then back to Apple. The Apple we all know today.

His life journey was all the reality of life. So many important points of his life worth to learn as our life lessons. Of all, I love his commencement speech at the Stanford University in 2005 (

Here’s the best part that we shouldn’t miss : He had never done his thing by himself. There was always partner around him that supports him, if not leading him in the areas he would rather leave them to the best to do. Starting with Steve Wozniak, then followed by a group of smart engineers, business partners. He then made his team sharper and smarter in delivering his vision and mission with Apple, despite the team’s growth in size.

By getting involved directly in every aspect of Apple products, from idea, design, to the final outcome of every single product, the look, feel, and user expected experience. And in fact to the marketing part of every product. Yes, he got involved in every single product delivery.

But the essence of why I wrote about him is, even for a Steve Jobs, he realized he couldn’t do things on his own. Never. He needed team, a group of smart people that works together to deliver his vision, his expectation.

No matter how good we are, to achieve big thing, no-one can do it alone. No-one can do or shall do everything on his/her own. Put aside skills and time constraints, it’s just not scalable for any organization.

TeamworkA Team. Yes, working together as a  GREAT Team is imperative. It’s how SMALL Region team is built from the beginning.


Moh. Omar

Co-Founder & CEO
SMALL Region

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