SMALL REGION | The ‘Great’ Culture for Corporate’s Success
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The ‘Great’ Culture for Corporate’s Success

The ‘Great’ Culture for Corporate’s Success

We often hear about Corporate Culture, don’t we? Any management team in corporate world or organization, where a group of individuals work together in achieving the mission and vision of the company. The beliefs, ideologies, principles and values of an organization form its culture. The culture of the workplace controls the way employees behave amongst themselves as well as with people outside the organization. Pretty straight forward, isn’t it? It’s easier saying, or to be precise, writing than doing.

Why is the corporate culture so important? It sets a number of rather subtle but very important ‘habits’ in organization.

It determines how individual interacts with each other internally. It includes even in a competitive situation, which should take place healthily. To keep the interaction towards positive competition, motivating and loyal towards the organization. Not entirely because of the management, the bosses, the colleagues, the place of work, the industry vertical, etc. But because everyone is fully motivated as a team to be successful, part of bigger thing the team is trying to achieve. Learning and earning at the same time. With love and passion, the motivation comes grows by itself. No longer works but to innovate, creative in many fun and exciting ways. 

The corporate culture also sets the image of the corporate in the market, known as place which a group of people works together to deliver their best. Although to being the best doesn’t go away from individual love & passion in the area the organization is into, but the culture should encourage those supporting factors of each individuals to let the potential out.

It is indeed so subtle yet so important. The significance of corporate culture is to the extent of  determining the success of the company or organization, or its collapse. It is hard to groom an organization to be lasting and successful without ‘Great’ Culture. I have not heard any. It maybe lasting, but it’s a matter of time, sooner if not later. The organization will die. I will bet anyone, anytime, anything if I am wrong here. 

Certainly I can’t guarantee just with great culture will create successful business organization. Of course, it MUST have other major key factors such as solid business plan, time-to-market, technology, market segments, marketing, etc. The Corporate Culture is only a subtle role in the early stage of the business, correct. But it determines how long the company can last and survive in the market.

And I can guarantee this : without ‘Great’ Corporate Culture laid correctly, it will NOT last long. Nothing great will be achieved ever. In fact, no-one will even remember the organization. Not even its name. As if it has never existed.


Moh. Omar

Co-Founder & CEO
SMALL Region


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