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The Road to IOT

The Road to IOT

If there is one technology area any technology company should brace itself on one of the next big waves is : the Internet-of-Thing (IOT), as anyone might have known. IOT is a natural progression which has to follow : the Internet-of-Everything (IOE).

Why does it matter and what is one key area affecting and determined by the end user directly, aside from the core technology which service, network, and telecom operators need to take care of?

Why does it matter?

The IOT will significantly change our life, the end user’s, as how most of ‘thing’ around us which is not connected today shall then be, intelligently communicates and interacts as part of ‘automation’ of what we have seen being done rather conventionally today, if not yet at all. Even if it’s already ‘connected’ in some ways.

Obviously the network will be significantly impacted, no doubt. The surge of network utilization, security, efficiency, performance, statefulness, etc. To the point of how the IP packets travels and is ‘treated’ from a ‘thing’, say a sensor, to the next service hop, then to the next and so on, till it reaches the destined ‘thing’, then travel back to the originating sensor. Back and forth, till the function needed during that particular time is completed (mind you, this can even repeat intensively numerous times in one second, depending on the service). These are from the network side, which an area worth describing albeit briefly is several blog on its own. Not here but coming soon.

What is one key area affecting and determined by the end user directly? 

The answer is actually the ‘thing’ itself. Specifically, the adoption of the ‘thing’ which need to happen in a massive-scale for the IOT to be successful.

The adoption of this ‘thing’ is direct and indirectly driven by end-user, no matter how and which way the ‘thing’ gets adopted by the user. From embedded into devices and utility machines, car, television, home/office security system, etc. by the manufacturer, to the one user will need to adopt it directly by self-acquiring, buying, and installing the readily available in the market in various forms depending on the needs such as sensor, beacon, application, etc. You name it, it will be part of the ‘thing’ in IOT ecosystem.

It is coming sooner than anyone think. And for that reason, SMALL Region is here to set the color, not only from the technology, but also from the technology, solution and business aspects of it. Even to the marketing of the IOT itself.

Again, it is why SMALL Region is here. More things from me soon.


Moh. Omar
Co-Founder & CEO

SMALL Region

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