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More than Imagination…

More than Imagination…

qNo, I am not here to start the SMALL Region up because an angel investor. Nor I am here because what happened in my previous life. Not even because a few trusted business partners and close friends encourage and seem to guard me when I fell prior. Nor any other thing. Those are the supporting factors, made me stronger and better, but not the key reasons WHY I started the SMALL Region.

I am here because my LOVE & PASSION on what I am doing in communication technology : creativity, innovation, and out-of-the-box thinking. What I love even MORE is to materialize those into real product, solution, or service offering, which can be effectively deployed, and loved too, not just accepted, by the market.

Because with love and true passion, deep understanding the needs, how it will be used, and deliver them in intuitive ways that would be always loved by user, the market shall decide if it shall be the best and the leader. I always believe it will. However, I would not tell anyone, nor anyone should tell me, to be the best or the leader as the goal. Doing everything we do with love and passion is. The rest will follow, one way or another.

Starting with imagination, drawing it on whiteboard, size up the business side of it, slice it into smaller elements, design, implement and test each of it with user in mind, and put love and passion into every step of processes, the end result will always say it for itself. Being the best and the leader are the outcome, to be decided not by us, but by the user, and the market in general, that use the product, solution, or service offering.

Being the best and the leader in the market should be the recognition from everything we do. It is not a title or target that can simply be used as a slogan. The love and passion in what I am doing in business and technology are why I started SMALL Region.

And I can’t do this alone. No-one can. A big thing will always need a team and a great team work. Building smart, creative & innovative team, that can deliver platform, solution, or service that address the market requirement effectively, and in returned loved and demanded, is HOW I will do it.

WHAT the SMALL Region team will produce for you then? Stay tuned here to know more what our product, solution, and service offering are.

In SMALL Region, WE are more than imagination! And I promise, it will all be exciting and fun 😉


Moh. Omar

Co-Founder & CEO
SMALL Region


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