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With years of business and technology developments, the founder with the company-founders, raised the necessary funding from a private equity, sharpen its vision and mission to set its unique tone in the Telecommunication / IT industry, consolidating every resources into a single business entity : SMALL REGION.

Here we are, at SMALL Region, we start SMALL indeed and continuously tune our targeted products, solutions, offering, consulting, corporate & business practices towards global positioning. No kidding, we are aiming product and solutions we can put in to the NEXT PLANET!

Opening in Indonesia, Hong Kong and Singapore as a start, the SMALL Region team is working on realizing imaginations. WE are LARGER than you could imagine.

More to come soon. Stay tuned here at and our social media for frequent updates.

The SMALL Region Founders



We do what we are good at : Building product, make it as part of bigger Solution through Integration, and Orchestrate the entire business elements to make it a success.

Sounds simple? Precisely. We simplify it for you, and let us manage the complexity for you.

It’s exactly why we are in the business here.

Product Development

SMALL Region is working on its core technology, beyond IOT (Internet-Of-Things), aiming for IOE (Internet-of-Everything).

We all would be very well connected sooner than you think. And the SMALL Region is building components and platforms those will be part of both IOT and IOE.

Business Consulting

Hardwork ain’t enough. Smart ain’t enough either. SMALL Region is combining every possible resources, no matter how remote the possibility is, we will always be perseverant in finding the best way to spin off an idea to a successfully executed business & services for you.

Yes, we assure you, Always

Solution & Integration

No, we don’t always develop everything in-house. We realize collaboration with partners as part of a business and technology ecosystem is key to success as well.

To provide more complete solution and offering through integration, is one of key businesses in SMALL Region.


A Great Team and Corporation start with Great Founders and Executives. Introducing our Founders and Executives as part of the SMALL Region Senior Management Team.

Moh. Omar

With more than 20 years of international experience in the industry, especially the South East Asia telecommunication market including Indonesia, his home country, Moh. Omar founded SMALL Region.

His wide exposure with Telecom operators and Service Providers in the region, brought significant values to the founding team, comprises of an angel investor and seniors from respective industry to support his vision in realizing a regional technology company.

Started a voice engineer in Singapore , Moh. Omar excels in his professional career through multi-national start-up and well-established companies since then i.e. Acme Packet, Inc., Oracle Sdn. Bhd., to name a few. His interest in visual, textual and musical arts also led him to start a few business related activities such as started off an painting school, professional writer, guitarist, pianist as well as singing.

His creativity and out-of-the box thought abilities set the vision for SMALL Region to be the leader in IOT/IOE technology company that works not only with the operators/service providers but also consumer and manufacturing access.

The combined exposures in both business and art worlds allows him to differentiate himself to set the SMALL Region to be unique in the market.

Dao Lam

Specialized in design and innovation to provide end-to-end user experience, his professional career as product and project manager on digital projects, made him eager to use the most appreciate tools to solve technology boundaries to overcome design limitation.

Working across multiple business units and clients, allows him to understand that business visions are not just a set of features and his bird view of the full picture is crucial. He enjoys the process to see requirement as design challenge where digital artists helped him to transform complex topics into tangible results.

His great fascination, passion in arts & design is crucial as part of ideas & development. His creative thinking allows him to see problems from different perspective, address them with innovating technologies that creates value for a users.

With his strength as product and project delivery, his supporting financial, business backgrounds both from personal, family and professional career, spanning from his origin in Austria to HK where he lives now, he is bringing his regional values in setting up SMALL Region, Inc. in HK.


Creative, Innovative, Smart, Perseverant, Open-minded, equipped with Can-Do attitude individually. But everything we do is based on a common foundation :  A TEAM.

In SMALL Region, we value team work above all. We value every team member as part of FAMILY.


Combination of the out-of-the-box thinking and artistic skills allow us to be CREATIVE.


We are constantly thinking of improving, to become better, more efficient, more friendly in introducing new ideas, new products, or even features in our existing products. We will always innovate.


As a team, you should see how Smart we are in SMALL Region.


Problems? Issues? Who doesn't have them? We are individually tested through hard times and difficulty. Our Perseverance is seen through how we crack problems and issues to make our works successful.


Yes, we are always open for suggestions, new ideas, and constructive feedbacks, etc. Even from our own customers, as always, learning is a continuous process, even for SMALL Region team.


Come to us, and hear from us to believe it. We will do our works for you. And We will do it well, more than you could expect. Always.


SMALL Region is specialized in product development, solution & integration, as well as business & technology consulting. With reference customers ranging from small-to-medium enterprise, large & multi-national corporation, financial institution, and service provider.

Over 100 years of collective experience, assisting our valuable customers to evolve.



Over 20 years of consultancy experience


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